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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

We're not in Kansas anymore-

I have been preparing all the pictures for my backed up posts, but just couldn't go through with them. As you know a devastating tornado tore through Moore yesterday. My heart aches for the lives that were lost and all the destruction that is left. I live on the north side of the city and was not personally affected, but as I went about cleaning my house today, I prayed for those who could not get food out of their refrigerator, or wash their clothes, or most of all, hug their loved one. I was amazed at how I can go about another day as normal while others are in such distress. It is encouraging to see the out pour of support, with everyone looking for ways to help. By the end of the day, the news started requesting cash donations over items because of the overwhelming amount of stuff that was donated. People are looking how to give their help and meet needs. As I sat down to this post, I was reminded of our trip to Greensburg, Kansas years ago (before Ray and I were married). We went with a small group to help clean up the town, I believe it was maybe even months after their small town was wiped out by a tornado. By this point, the town was mostly abandoned except for clean up volunteers (there were plans to rebuild after cleanup). We were amazed at the amount of destruction, and all the debris that was still needed to go through. I have not been anywhere near Moore, but below is a picture of Ray working to clear out a basement in Greensburng. I know that there is a lot of attention on Moore right now, not only nationally, but internationally as well- My prayer is that the support continues. Greensburg Mission_018
Like I said, this trip was before Ray and I had married, which was before I had gotten into photography, but while playing around with my new point and shoot, I captured this living rose bush with one of the few standing houses behind it. 
To me, it is a picture of hope. Of beauty amongst destruction. Of God's ability to provide, whether it be life for a flower, or people, supplies, and a desire to help those in need.
Greensburg Mission_104

Thank you to everyone who has been and will continue to help in the tornado relief efforts.
For a good list on possible ways to help, the Pioneer Woman compiled a great list on her blog.
If you are local, lifechurch OKC campus is accepting donations at the capmus from 8-8 (non-food items) and getting info out about volunteering (including a cemetery cleanup tomorrow, Wed 5/22). Follow their facebook page for updates. 

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