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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Memorial Day 2013

Here are some pics from my family's Memorial Day get together in KS. We had every member of the family there but 2 (missed ya Linds!). 
We were able to pull off a family picture05-26-178
This is the first time all the kids have been together at one time. They make a nice stair step!
Isaiah loved the gator, and I'm so happy that he's hit the age where he throws a huge meltdown fit anytime he has to stop something he loves... yay-
Grams joined us for a fun game of corn hole, while Jackson acted like the goofy kid he is...

My uncle brought out the train set me mom let him borrow (this is the set I played with as a kid!) It was a big hit
esp. with the 2 little ones
Popsicle are always a big hit- Isaiah enjoyed one with Mason and Addison
We were amazed how entertaining this little blow up pool was for the kids (when they started a splash war, it was on-)
The onlookers of the war
The 2 who started this crazy family and beautiful house.
My mom and I :c)
The women
And men (who are finally picking up some steam thanks to some marriages and grandkids!)
I love to go visit my Grandpa Becker while we are in town- I thought this was an adorable pic of him and Isaiah
Back at the Hakes, Isaiah got to experience a bit of the country, with fish, snakes, bunnies, racoons, bugs, ect.
I love how sweet cousin Rorey is to him
My growing family
My sis, mom and I
Earlier we both had orange and blue on, but thanks to a bad diaper change, I had to change..
Much love to this man for grilling chicken for ~30 people!!
An evening game of kickball
The cow says "moo"
Many kisses for aunt Kacey!
Cousin Carter is so cute in this shot :c)

Yay for family time together and the pictures to remember it!

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