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Monday, April 15, 2013

A Date with my Little Man :c)

This past weekend Ray went to Tulsa to spend time with one of his best friends for the weekend. That left me with my little man for a 3 day weekend of being the only parent around. We already had a bunch of time together previously in the week (he was sick on Wednesday and didn't leave my arms for long, and I had to call into work on Thurs to stay home with him due to his fever). Thankfully he quickly got over that and we were able to spend some quality time together this weekend. We went garage sale-ing ('tis the season!), walked the dog, read books, planted flowers, and on Sunday, we had a zoo date! It was our first time to go just the 2 of of us (well 3 including this baby bump I'm toting along!). It's so fun now that he recognizes the animals and what they are doing (the monkey is eating, the elephant is pooping, etc...). I captured a few pics of our morning together, enjoy-
 Here he's making a monkey sound
The orangutang was entertaining, esp. being so close!
He was 'glued' to the gorillas :c)
I was kinda hoping the gorilla would turn for this, but I ended up with a cute smile on Isaiah and an awkward gorilla in the back.
We visited the lorakeets for the first time, Isaiah has been into birds lately
He enjoyed chasing them around
But wasn't so sure when it came time to hold one
With some coaxing from a nice lady, he took the sweet water
And the bird followed!
 He wasn't so sure when the bird started to move around though!
After a few more animals, we ate some lunch and finished up at the zoo's park
This kid enjoys his swing!
love him :c)
I look forward to more mommy and son dates (I hope to do some of these when the new baby comes, just to make sure I have individual time with each of my sons)
Have I mentioned that I love spring and this warmer weather?! It is so nice for Isaiah and I to get out of the house, he's been asking to go bye-bye each morning and I've been happy to take him out!

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