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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

It's a....

With Isaiah, I wanted to wait to find out the sex until birth, but thanks to a car accident and not very shy baby.. we saw that Isaiah was a boy at 13 weeks. Even though we didn't make it to birth, Ray let me decide to wait, so with baby #2, I let him decide to find out (which is exciting as well!). I will be 20 weeks tomorrow and had my big anatomy scan today. We had the sonographer put the picture with the sex of the baby in an envelope so we could find out at home. Ray certainly did not want to have a gender reveal party, but I wanted to have fun with it somehow. I did not want to do something I had already seen all over pintrest, so I had the 'awesome' idea to put confetti in balloons, and pop them to find out. Too bad I didn't find opaque balloons.Even though we got a sneak peak, we had fun trying to create a fun picture (everyone even played along with me and allowed us to try several different versions. I'm thankful my husband and sister-in-law are nice to pregnant people :c) Thanks to Judy for snapping the pics for us! Here are the out-takes

Our pre-pop pic (trying not to actually look at the balloons).It'sa..-1
But we knew before we popped (which we were pretty sure he was a boy anyways)
Ray is an excellent balloon popper
 Mine never did burst..
 Next, we threw some in the air
Then we had just Ray pop a balloon
Ray's face is not so much reflective of having a boy (he actually said he is relieved... girl hater..) but is a post glitter-fied face
We threw one more time
 Then tried blowing the glitter- this pic had good glitter, but Isaiah was blinking
And here we have open eyes, but less glitter
It's all right, we had fun!

 So, even if my creative "confetti in balloons" didn't work out quite as planned, we still had fun and are excited about adding another sweet boy to our family! And the awesome thing about him coming just 23 months after Isaiah, they will be in the same season of clothes, we are stocked and good to go! Now I just need to vacuum up this mess in the office..


Lindsey said...

Your sweet family is too cute! I think these came out really well. Totally pin-worthy. :)

Katie said...

Yeah for two boys!!! I am so excited for you guys! Congrats!

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