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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Gavin's 1st Birthday Party

I loooved last Saturday- the weather was perfect, I got to do a good outdoor workout with my sis, buy some items to start my square foot garden (I'm attempting to garden this year!), shoot a lovely engaged couple, and see me good friends at Gavin's birthday party! Gavin's parents threw him a circus themed birthday party, enjoy-GavinsOneBlog-5

The adorable table set upGavinsOneBlog-1
from another angle
Note: Isaiah is pointing to this pic and saying "mmmm", and it was "mmm"!

If Ray were here, he'd be pointing and saying "mmm". The man doesn't like popcorn and isn't into sweets that much, but loves this white chocolate covered popcorn!GavinsOneBlog-3

Hotdogs, chips, and some animal sandwiches, the prefect circus food!GavinsOneBlog-6
The goodie table and monthly pic banner
Gavin with uncle Josh
Gavin's parents, Sydnie and Jeremy (yes, Jeremy has a twin brother, and it just might have Gavin confused ;c)
Me and my name twin, Ashley!
Isaiah in the bounce house

Cake Time!GavinsOneBlog-13



This guy wasn't afraid to get all up in it!GavinsOneBlog-16

Gavin's "mmm" face!GavinsOneBlog-17
Love this shot, such a sweet stud!

He left us with a slight mess to clean upGavinsOneBlog-19


Isaiah's telling secrets about Grayden, Max isn't so sure about it....GavinsOneBlog-21

And they were definitely done by the time we tried to get all 4!GavinsOneBlog-22

Happy 1st Birthday Gavin!
I hope that you all enjoyed your Saturday as well!
p.s. In my purse sits and envelope with the sex of baby #2.... We will be finding out when Ray gets home from work tonight!

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