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Monday, October 31, 2011

Isaiah's First Day Away from "Mummy"

Happy Halloween!

As you all know, yesterday was Halloween. As you may not know, it was also my first day back at Deaconess. I didn't really want to buy Isaiah a Halloween costume, and since I was going to be at work and he'd just be at home with daddy and the trick-or-treaters, I didn't come up with a costume. I figured it didn't really matter, but I kept thinking of the picture of my first Halloween costume (and how cute I was :c) when my cousin texted me asking for a pic of him dressed up.. so that motivated me to come up with something! He was already swaddled for bed, so I used what I had and created this cute little mummy! Good thing he didn't have to go anywhere- but it made a cute pic! When I texted it out to gparents and aunts, my step-mom replied that he must have missed his 'Mummy' on her first day of work.. hence the title of this post!

My first day of work.
It was last Thursday when I talked to Melony and confirmed with my boss that I would come in on Monday (I didn't realize it was Halloween at first.. but no biggie). I decided instead of asking my sisters to watch, that we would see how things would work out at my planned daycare- a stay at home mom (and good friend of ours), Melanie. She has 2 kids, ages 2 1/2 and almost 1. So Isaiah makes 3 under the age of 3! But she has a history of daycare and is skilled with kids (actually, Ray and I have been learning a lot by watching them raise their kids). So when I first got pregnant and she offered to watch, I thought it was a perfect solution! I think the below post will show you why :c)

I dropped Isaiah off bright and early at 6am. He wasn't asleep (like I was hoping), so I was able to hug and kiss him goodbye. I made it out the door without crying, but the tears came before I even got in my car. By the time I made it to work, I was able to dry them up.
This is the first pic I got from Mel announcing that he had gone to sleep.
Then she let me know he woke up, but went right back to sleep, swaddled in the crib.
Then it was eatin' time, still a bit sleepy though :c)
Next was an update on how much he ate and a change in diaper, then playtime!
Which her oldest, Braden, wanted to get in on- so sweet!
Any mom is happy to see this when she's away!
Next was an update about a good naptime, how many ounces he ate, then that he peed on Melanie (he's more for tricks than treats... )
More napping, pooping, and eating... (and a glimpse at those beautiful eyelashes!)
Melanie getting the job done! (she states the most difficult part of rocking 2 babies is getting a decent pic of it :c)

Then came my favorite pic! Besides having 2 older kids to love and play with, he's even got his own stuffed audience!
Isn't he precious? She sent of video of him excited and happy and trying to get to his stuffed friends.. which made me excited and happy :c)

Ray was able to pick our little man up and spend the evening with him (he said the most difficult part was constantly answering the door for trick-or-treaters with Isaiah in his arms). I made it home in time to feed him one more time before he went to bed. All in all I think it was a great first day for Isaiah. And it's nice to know that I managed as well.. just hated the pumping at work part, which I always knew I would. I sometimes struggled getting to lunch before 3, and now I have to pump 3-4 times (should be 4 but I only got 3 done yest), which entails going down 4 floors to the east side, then a small room on the west side, then pump, cleanup, then back to the east side to take back the key, and back up stairs. All while the work doesn't stop upstairs. Yuck! But, totally worth it. And I'm blessed to have a job that is supportive of breast feeding (they even have a hospital grade pump, place for storage, soap to wash with, etc... it's just out of the way)

Today I get to be home with my baby all day, and I'm looking forward to it!

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capturedbycheryl.com said...

I cried on the way to the car the first day I dropped Addalynne off. So glad you got those sweet pictures of your baby boy.

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