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Friday, October 28, 2011

Isaiah's 2 Month!

Isaiah is 2 months old!
We went to the doctor on Wednesday, here's the latest numbers-
Weight: 12 pounds, 13 ounces (75%)
Length: 24.5 inches (95%.. he's a tall baby!)
Head Circumference: 50%, so we know he doesn't have his dad's head ;c)

Isaiah has now slept through the night, although that's been messed up since our shots :c( He is really trying to talk (by babbling), smacks his lips, bears weight on his legs, and is holding his head up really well. He also started spitting up more within the past week. He is now more content to lay on his own, but is definitely a fan of his momma!
We attempted a walk earlier this week (he didn't make it far) but I eyed this gorgeous field of weeds and suddenly came up with this shoot! Although we were delayed by mood and weather, we made it out today for some 2 month shots. Enjoy-








Funny story about this shoot..
Since it was only Isaiah and I at the shoot and the field was a ways away from where I could park, I decided to use the stroller to tote all of my props (including the 2 suitcases) and hold Isaiah as we walked there. As I was scouting the perfect spot in the field, a lady came running by. I smiled at here and kept scanning the field. She stopped and asked if everything was okay. I replied yes and said that I was doing a photo shoot. She breathed a sigh of relief as she explained that she saw the suitcases and the baby and was wondering...
Haha! On my way to the field I had even thought I looked a bit hobo-ish toting around those old suitcases! I pray that God blesses her for even caring enough to ask :c)

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