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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Isaiah Update

It's about time for an Isaiah update, wouldn't you say?
(I'm sure my mother-in-law in Africa would agree)
Let me first of all tell you a little bit about Isaiah now. He is 7weeks old and not my little newborn anymore! He is very watchful of me, and loves to give smiles. Just this week he held his first rattle (and bonked himself on the head) and reached out for a dangling button on my jacket. He watches the mobile in his swing, and loves the mirror in the bathroom. He's still waking up to eat in the middle of the night, but going back to sleep well in between. He makes the craziest noises while sleeping. He still loves to sleep on our chest (actually, he usually works his way sideways across our stomach). He's starting to get a little roll on his arm and his belly and cheeks are certainly chunking up. He's picking up some color, and we even think his hair is getting longer! I'm enjoying our little man very much :c)

Here is his 7 week pic

A captured smile
and another
and another
Here's how he looks with aunt Kacey...
Aunt Judy taking him for a stroll
He was a little unsure of Hannah's holding skills, but she did great!
We can't forget to give Honey some love!
Some tummy time for baby boy!
And a nice profile
Showing off during bath time
Livin' like a king with Gigi around!
His second soccer game, and first rain.
Isaiah and buddy Grayden (20 days apart)
Isaiah's first toys! (okay, I staged this while he was asleep... I just didn't take a pic when he really played!)

These pics are a compliation of iphone, point and shoot, and dslr shots, no judging on the quality.. I just want captured memories!

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