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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Snow Day!

Well, I'm going to break my trend this year of only doing only 4 posts in a month... hooray!
We took a family trip to Albuquerque this past weekend and prepared for snow out there, but it turns out we saw more of it here in Oklahoma! Last week we had a nice snowfall on a Tuesday, then yesterday we had another pretty snow. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to take some pics of my sweet 18 month old boy, so we dressed in our gear (his new coat from Gap that I got for $13 and my ski pants that I haven't put on for 2 years now!).  After we played in the snow, we came into some fresh backed blueberry bread and a warm fire, it was a really special morning with my son :c)02-20-5
Can't leave out this girl, she enjoyed the snow as well
Best buds
Love this profile shot
It was such a pretty snow!
My big guy trudging through the drifts
uh, don't know if he's learned what to do in front of a camera..
Yup, he's clueless..02-20-66
Here I told him to catch a snowflake on his tongue :c)
Us two
Then one more time without the nose rivers
He finished off with some puddle play in the the front, I just loved the shadows here.


Anonymous said...

beautiful shots! the black-and-whites are my favorites!

ashley o. said...

Thanks Hannah! I fell in love with the contrasty black and white when I saw it!

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