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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Haircuts, Friends, and Grout

Sorry for the delay in blog posts, I've been working on a wedding that I will be sharing soon enough and after uploading these photos I realized just how few pictures I've taken this month! Here is a catch-up of the few that I have taken. 
I haven't shared with you guys yet, but after doing the weekly pictures of Isaiah for a year, I changed it to monthly pics, which I find appropriate for this age. I had a hard time deciding on how to document a kid who doesn't lay down anymore and without making it a big setup, but after a few months, settled on his IKEA chair and the wooden blocks to show his age. And to show my true laziness, I just keep him in whatever he's wearing for the day (which in the pic below was his pajama shirt with some comfy pants... keepin' it real at the Ofosus!). Anyways, the real reason I post this pic from last month was to show his ridiculous hair! It sometimes takes me awhile to get things done, esp. when it costs money, so Isaiah's hair just kept growing. I knew it was long, but it looks so much more crazy now that it's been cut!
Here he is this month (a couple weeks after his haircut- still long and curly, but much less 'helmet-head' looking)1-26-8
2 weeks ago Isaiah and I discovered the story/play time at our city library. It was so much fun that we've been inviting our friends to join us! Last week Sydnie and Gavin were able to come, can't believe this little guy is almost a year now! (Note: Isaiah loves to hug his friends)
Isaiah's latest favorite toy has been his Cozy Coupe from aunt Kacey. He enjoys getting in and out, turning the key and wheel, and of course being pushed around. He also has been enjoying his basketball goal and is really getting good with his shots! This kid loves balls, and loves to point them out anywhere he sees something round (balloons, lights.. they all are a 'ball!'). He even points to a blank TV and says ball- thanks to dad's love of sports TV
He also loooves to help out, whether I am dusting, cleaning windows, cooking, etc. He has his first chore of feeding the dog, which he enjoys because he's actually allowed to carry the dog bowl around. Yesterday he helped us as we cleaned our tile grout (more on that below).
It turned into a family affair with Dad setting a good example for Isaiah on how men can help! (Yes, my husband wears eye protection while scrubbing the floor, it's a man thing)

Now I have been wanting to clean our grout for months (it only takes kids to realize just how dirty your house is, as I wheel him around in his cozy coupe, all I do is stare at the floor and the yucky grout!). I'm not quite sure what has gotten into me this past week, it's either early spring cleaning, an (almost) 2nd trimester energy boost, or a super early nesting syndrome going on, but I have been wanting the surfaces of my house clean! And not just clean, but vacuum the cushions, fans, and under the fridge clean (a few of those things which I've never done before, who knew you were supposed to vacuum under the fridge?). Add to the never-done-before list; grout cleaning. Ray wanted to hire someone to come and clean, but that cost money.. I had pinned a link on pintrest awhile back but and finally got around to testing it out this weekend. It was amazing! I honestly never realized my grout is as light as it is! We have quite a bit of tile in our house, so I knew this would be a big undertaking, but with this pregnancy cleaning surge, I went for it! My favorite part was that the cleaning compound was simply made of water, backing soda, vinegar (I had soaked mine in orange peel to give it a citrus smell), and lemon. All totally edible, so it wasn't a big deal if my dog or 1 year old got into it. Which turned out great since Isaiah woke up from his nap before we had finished and of course had to help out. Here is an example of the difference between the cleaned grout (below) and the grout as it was (above). I am having to take the house in sections since almost half of it is tile, but I have a goal of 2 weeks to finish before my family comes in town and the motivation of seeing clean grout (I love a task where I have visible progress).

The recipe: "7 cups water, 1/2 cup baking soda, 1/3 cup ammonia (or lemon juice) and 1/4 cup vinegar. Spray on grout, leave for about 1 hour, then scrub vigorously with a scrub brush."
I wiped mine down with a towel after scrubbing so the dirty water wouldn't just sit there. I also kept a bucket of water near by to rinse the scrub brush, it's amazing the amount of dirt that washes off!

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