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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Day in the Life of a 16 Month Old

I saw on pintrest where someone photographed all the mundane parts of their child's day, just to document the day. They of course had nice, sharp pictures all put together with the exact time on each pic. I took the pics and am getting them blogged, and call that good for me! I chose to document Isaiah's first day of 2013. I missed the naptime and when we took aunt Lisa to the airport, but I think it will be fun to look back on his day (even though this wasn't the most typical day). 

8:12-We woke up after sleeping the last hour on the couch together1-1-3
He hits the day running
And asks for the music to be turned on
Then we boggie
At 9:13 we stop for breakfast, an omlet and oranges
Food makes this kid happy
Next up is a diaper change
Acting like this is an easy task..
Shortly after 10 he goes to give daddy good morning hugs
At 10:50 the two buds head outside together
Never mind the freezing temps, this kid loves the outdoors
After mom got too cold, it's back inside for a water break
And some hoops
Next the dog needs pestered
Around 6:30 pm Isaiah masters getting onto mom and dad's bed
And plays with a ball, naked, while delaying a bath
6:50 and he's finally in the bath
Then Isaiah's favorite part, brushing his teeth!
Finally it's story time, then mom rocks her sweet boy to sleep :c)

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