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Sunday, November 18, 2012

My First Half Marathon!

Complete, finished, done!!
This morning I ran my furthest distance yet.. 13.1 miles! I completed the Williams Route 66 Tulsa Half Marathon today. I can tell the difference in my blog now (there's certainly a lack of personal posts) since in the past I would have let you know that we were planning on this run! But for over 2 years now my sister and I have been wanting to run a half. 1 week into training the first time, I broke my toe. Then I got pregnant. So here we are 2 year later with the ability to put a legit running sticker on our vehicles :c) So happy to have my sister to run with an encourage me in this. We also joined up with a couple friends from my lifegroup that we trained with occasionally- it was all of our first time to run a half marathon and we beat our expected time! I even beat Kacey (mainly because her husband Matt told her to beat me), which is probably the first race I've been her in (she always beat me in cross country even though she was 2 years younger!). Our first goal time was 10 minute miles, so around 2 hours and 10 minutes. During training we decided to try to make it in 2 hours. I crossed the finish line at 1:56:57! It was a pretty run, not too cold or warm, and most of all it's DONE!
Here's the 4 of us, me, Tammy, Kacey, and Jaci
Glad to have done this with my sister :c)

Big thanks to Ray, who encouraged me, helped watch Isaiah while I trained, and actually made it possible to run the race (I accidentally left my bib at home and he brought it to me just in time to start the race!!). And thanks to Isaiah who joined me on so many of my runs :c)

My sweet family, thanks for cheering us on! (honestly, when I heard my mom and Ray yelling at the finish line, it reminded me of being in the delivery room- I had the same response, push it to be done!)
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