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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Wedding and a Zoo

So pulling pics for this post made me realize just how terrible I've been this month at taking pictures.. meaning I have none and we are halfway through! But I've been spending time with the LaRues, and despite their 3 kids and busy lives, she's thankfully captured some moments, so I stole some and now I'll share with you :c)
**Note: I came back to partially explain the lack of pictures, my camera body has been broke, so I've been left with my old rebel which really just doesn't get me excited about a photo. I sent it in to be fixed, but it cost more to repair than its worth. Chris (aka Google LaRue) said he'd look at it. I got it back today and it works, so now I call him Google LaRue can do! Thanks Chris! I think I'll go take a pic of my son now :c)

First was our friends, Kevin and Michelle's wedding last Friday. It was fun to get all dressed up and have a night out without the kiddos (this is the first time we've been together without a kid around in 3 years!). Forgive my hair, I'm inept.
Earlier that day Mel and I took the kids to the zoo to enjoy a beautiful fall day! He she is with her gang


Here's me and mine (I'm really starting to not like pics of me, but I'm posting anyways..)11-14-8

Isaiah and Nate swinging together :c)11-14-2
I think Nate enjoyed it a bit more than Isaiah

Watching the bears eat11-14-9

Love this pic of the 2 of them :c)11-14-10

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