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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Isaiah is ONE!

Today is Isaiah's first birthday.
One year ago I was at Deaconess Hospital, with a newborn baby, a loving husband, and a more complete family. I'd have to say that having a baby makes life a bit 'crazy', and in the beginning I honestly couldn't understand why everyone was so happy for us.. but I get it now. Over the year this one little person has so effectively made me love like I've never loved before. I am so happy each time I get to watch him conquer a new skill, or discover something in his innocent way, or just feel his sweet hugs and kisses. Where he is now is such a dramatic difference from a year ago (as seen in my last post), it just makes the year so amazing. We threw Isaiah a fun birthday party yesterday, I'll be sure to share pics when I get them. We had a wonderful day together today as a family with some time at church, baptisms (Isaiah's uncle Matt got baptized today, congrats!), lifestock, the park, and a family nap :c) I don't feel like I've been too emotional about my baby turning one, but I also can't bear to take down the birthday banner and group of pictures that I put up for the party...
This is Isaiah's one year session shot by our friend, Mellisa Green 

Handsome manIMG_4357

He was stumbling over the uneven ground.. I just love the face :c)

Another face to love!IMG_4371

His eyes, his teeth, his smile, the drool....IMG_4375

and those itty bitty feet!IMG_4382 Our little family

I think this might be mid sneezeimg_4411

And just like any other one year old I try to shoot.. Isaiah wouldn't cooperate with our cute ideas
But it didn't stop me from having fun!
so we improvised

Next we changed locations and outfits
 My 2 guys


I just love when Isaiah squats down like this, it just looks so kid-like :c)IMG_4537

A nice family portraitIMG_4553







Studly manIMG_4632



Love this!IMG_4660

and of course I love this sweet smile



I can't tell you why I love this so much, but my son's sweet hand makes my heart melt..IMG_4736
As do his gigglesIMG_4753


Thanks Mellisa for capturing such a special time!

And as if my son's birthday isn't enough to celebrate, this post actually makes my 500th post, Woo hoo! 


Lindsey Cousin :) said...

Tried to pick a few as my favorites and then realized that I'd basically picked every one. These are great and y'all are all lovely and a half. Happy birthday, Isaiah!

Cheryl Meares said...

I miss you so much. These are so amazing and you are so beautiful. Love you.

DeShawna Willis said...

I love these photos! Great job Melissa and HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sweet Boy!

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