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Friday, January 13, 2012

What I've learned in 4 months of Mom

Good morning!
In true mom-of-a-four-month-old way, I am typing this post at 5:42 am, with my baby sleeping in the crib and my husband in the shower. I wanted to just share a bit of my life at this moment, because after this, it will all be a memory :c)

Isaiah's sleeping habits have been a bit erratic lately. At one point he was sleeping through the night, even once we transitioned to the crib! But after holidays, travel, extended family, teething, a growth spurt, and vaccines (all happening within a couple weeks last month), we have been a little out of wac. Then throw in me working 4 out of 5 days (probably as much as I've worked the last 2 months!) and staying at least an hour late each night (to make 13+ hour shifts), and poor Isaiah doesn't remember what he's supposed to do. After googling about 4 months old sleep problems (what else is a parent to do in the wee hours of the night), I realize that just his age can bring on a set of problems. So at this time, Isaiah is waking up at 10 or 11 to eat (which he hasn't done since his first month of life), and again anywhere between 2-4. He also hasn't been going down right after, like he used to, hence me being on the computer now (he woke at 4, ate, hung out until a little after 5). When Ray was on duty last weekend (since I was working the next morning and he wasn't), he decided to let him cry it out. Lets just say I wasn't well rested for work that morning. We tried that for a few nights before I gave up and decided he's a growing boy and needs to eat at night again. We had gotten to the point that he can go down awake and not cry, but at this time we are re-learning that as well.
I thought after he started sleeping through the night, that it would stay that way.
I've learned to not trust anything to stay the same with a baby.

One night I stayed up until midnight talking with friends. I came inside, pumped, read a few things, and got ready for bed. As soon as my head hit the pillow, my son cried. He was up for the next 2 hours (which was way unusual). I did not go to bed until after 3 that morning.
I thought I could pretend I was young again.
I learned that my son controls my schedule (with an iron fist ;c)
(side note: Isaiah has ridiculous timing, and still today this day cries just as we lay down, mention how good he's been, etc.)

As mentioned above, I spent the most time away from Isaiah this week while working 4 long days. By Tuesday afternoon, I started to feel like crum, with a back ache that I knew could be 1 of 2 things. 1 would mean that I would finally have "that time of the month" again, 2 would be mastitis. As more symptoms emerged, mastitis leaped ahead as the winner. I came home Tuesday night feverish, chillin', and feeling miserable. I curled up on the couch while my husband (who was recovering from a migraine) waited on me. I was afraid of how I'd care for Isaiah the next day while feeling so crummy. Thankfully I woke the next morning feeling much better, and after following a few natural remedies (raw garlic every few hours, rest, nursing, fluids), I recovered without the need of antibiotics.. wohoo!
I thought that I only had to worry about keeping up my production while working.
I learned that getting off to pump is a medical necessity! (Mastitis is more likely to come back now that I've had it.. boo-)

I'll spare the pic here, it's nothing you want to see.

After all of the above, my house is pretty much a wreck with laundry, dishes, and baby paraphernalia. Before Isaiah was born, I was worried about how to keep my house still looking 'adult-ish'. I didn't want colorful, crazy kid stuff everywhere. One day last month I walked through my living room, past the jumper, activity mat, and bouncer- and just smiled. I love that my baby and all that comes with him, even if means that I have burp rags and toys in any given place and any certain time.
I thought I would hate all the 'baby stuff'.
I learned with being a mom, you loose some vanity.

I had my first experience of looking like a stressed out mom. I don't have a pic of this either, but wish I did because I'm sure I would laugh! Here's a description of the scene. I have a jogging stroller, with a carseat strapped in, with 2 big boxes (pots and pans) balanced on top. I have Isaiah halfway falling out of my right arm (he was so heavy after walking through the mall that way!) as I struggle to push/balance the stroller with the left. My short hair is falling out of the makeshift ponytail I had it in from working out earlier. My face is frustrated since I couldn't get cash back on the return despite me having the receipt and I'm in a hurry to get back and clean for lifegroup that night. There was a lady sitting by the elevator and I kind of laughed as I pictured what I must look like. Official mom :c)
I thought frazzled, strung out moms always looked that way.
I learned it can happen to anyone..
(Sidenote: Ray, after hearing the above, said that it would be nice if I had my carrier... and I did, I just didn't even think of it at the time..)

Part of the frustration in the mall was that Penny's wanted to give me a gift card instead of cash back. I didn't want to have to spend that money at Penny's because even though I wasn't much of a shopper before, I'd much rather buy my son things than myself now. Since we were so blessed at our showers, I haven't needed to buy much. But I have enjoyed the few purchases I've made. First are the BumGenius all-in-one sized diapers. They are not originally what I wanted, but after a friend let me borrow, I realized I liked them. I've gone through quit a few leaks and clothing changes as I figure out just how much I need to change, but I'm finally getting the hang of them, and really enjoy using cloth!
The other purchase was an ergo baby carrier. I had never heard of these until 2 friends recently mentioned it. It's a bit pricey, but I figured that if I have a second kid, I'll be doing a lot more baby wearing, so might as well get it now. So far Isaiah and I have both enjoyed it, whether I'm out shopping (if I remember to use it ;c) or at home. And it's great because I'll get to use it for a while to come.
I thought a baby would be extremely expensive.
I learned that we are truly blessed with awesome friends and family!

So this is just a bit of what I've learned as a mom of a sweet 4-month old boy. I love that little man and can't wait for even more experiences and things to laugh at! Hopefully I'll continue posts like this as Isaiah grows.

ps. I intended this note to have pics, but since it's dark and I want to make sure I actually get this posted, I'll publish it now and hopefully add pics later.. no promises though! Now it's time to nap before little man's up for the day.

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