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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Becker Show Shoot

Check out my beautiful family!
While in Texas for Christmas, I was able to take some portraits of my dad, step-mom, and siblings! Since it snowed for Christmas, we went with it and walked around their neighborhood to capture some shots!
It just so happens that each time I shoot these guys, I get a pic of Darla getting on to Barron for one of his crazy antics, while the rest of the family giggles about it. Here was this year's...
And this was the previous one (from a few years ago as you can see.. but I still actually laughed out loud when I pulled this up :c)
One big happy family!
My dad and his bride :c)
My oldest bro Brett, who will be heading off to college next year.. crazy!
Barron, captured in a semi-serious moment!
And the beautiful Bailey.. She's not a little girl anymore!
The girls
The guys
Doing what guys do..
I snuck in on one!
So, this family session started like many family sessions. Darla wanted pics, the kids complained, Dad tries to round them up without really wanted to take photos either, Brett tries to sweet talk me to make this quick... and on and on. Then by the end, the family ends up getting in an all out snowball fight and having a lot of fun! I love it.. and was excited to get some actions shots!
Thinking I should have offered my assistant (aka uncle David) some pay... he's not treating that bag full of camera equipment like he cares about his job (or my lenses!)
Barron caught his mom's snowball.. nice-
Bailey comes back out when she see's the fun!
Notice how snow fights happen in west Texas, bare hands and all!
Then uncle David brings the shovel onto the scene
And things get crazy..
Like this..
Which makes Darla feel like this..
So Bailey attacks David for her mom..
And eventually all hobble back into the warm house to prepare for Christmas :c)

Then end.

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