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Monday, December 5, 2011

Rolls: Thanksgiving and other..

"Hey Ya'll!" (yes, my child already talks like he's from Texas..)
"Check out what I can do-"
"I throw up my hand.."
"Push back my shoulder and hips.."
"And end up on my back! (where I'd much rather be)"

That's right, Isaiah can roll over now! Here's the video I got of him last Friday-

In other big new.. I cut (or chopped) my hair! (forgive my lack of makeup.. I attempted to put it on that morning, but realize now I might need more than I think, yikes!)
An 11" pony tail will be going to locks of love. I had planned on doing this before we knew about sweet Mia's tumor, but now I have even more of a heart for childhood cancer. This is my second time to give to locks of love, and although I don't love my hair short, I like that it has a purpose.
In other news, Isaiah experienced his first Thanksgiving, and also his first trip to Kansas
Grandpa Becker has been waiting not-so-patiently for this little guy :c)
Here's all the Becker's that were together..
And Isaiah also got to meet the Hakes!
Where he was certainly the center of attention (and enjoyed every moment)
But all this attention led to him catching his first cold, which he then gave to both Ray and I, which made for a not fun week last week. But for the most part we are all recovering now, which is a great thing.

There's just a bit of a catchup! We will be heading down to Texas for Christmas and looking forward to introducing Isaiah to his Texas family!

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Tawnya said...

I love the video!

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