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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Isaiah' s Tooth and a Man's Bills!

Isaiah has his first tooth! (See right lower gum, above the shiny spot)

"What?!" You say, "He's not even 4 months!"
That's what I said! but apparently, without much warning (no fussiness or chewing on things..he's been drooling pretty good though), Isaiah cut his firs tooth. I've seen other moms get sad when their babies hit certain milestones, but never really understood it. Well now I do. For some reason it shocked me that my son could already have a tooth! But he does, and as long as nursing still goes good (I think this is my biggest fear), I will enjoy his new addition.

In other news, I want to share a story. This happened on Monday, and already it seems to have lost some of the trill, but it was truly an amazing thing for me. It started with a sale going on for camera equipment. I decided to take a look at my funds to see if I could/needed to make any year end purchases. Sure enough, I could. I could even get what I had been really wanting. I discussed with Ray and made plans. Then in church one morning, it hit me that I should give that money away. I did not NEED this new piece of equipment, so God told me to use the money to pay off peoples utility bills. My first thought was going to the City of Edmond, but then I toyed with the idea of ONG, really just procrastinating by trying to decide how to give (when I was already told where and how.. I just had a hard time believing it because it felt like one of my thoughts). So after going to lunch with a friend and running some errands, I decide to just go to the City of Edmond Administration building and ask how to give a donation. While in line, the man in front of me started talking to Isaiah. We chat a little (he was difficult to understand and hard of hearing). He moved to the next teller, then the other one opens up for me. I lean in the glass to ask the lady if it would be possible to pay off the bill for the man next to me (I heard him saying things like, "I know I have until tomorrow at this time" and he had some ones in his hand. The teller took down my info and would pass it on to the people who decide to divvy it out. She was able to get the man's account number and pass it along as well. I believe he is the reason I was told to go there, and I think everything I did that day landed me there at the perfect time. I felt so blessed that God would not only tell me to give, where to give, and how much to give (even though I doubted at some points)... he showed me WHO I would give to. I drove away so excited about what had happened!
God is Good!

p.s. The teller thought this was all pretty neat, and said she'd like to do something like this but didn't have the money. I didn't think of it at the time, but I wish I would have told her that she doesn't have to do this.. I did it because God told me to, so it was simple obedience (it feels so much better than the "delayed obedience= disobedience" that I normally do!)

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Lila Lawrence said...

Wow, what a great photo and a great story! You are a very special person, Ashley!

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