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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Another Birthday, Another Surprise..

Happy 27th Birthday to my hubby!
Ray celebrated his birthday on Tuesday, and I am happy to announce that I surprised him yet again :c) I don't know why or when it all started, but in my relationship with Ray I have always liked to throw him surprise birthday parties. Even when we were dating I started this. And I guess I can say that I'm blessed to be married to a clueless man who doesn't pay much attention to what's going on around him, 'cause each year I've managed to surprise him. This year was different in that I didn't plan a party for everyone, just a date night for ourselves (I figure those will soon be harder to come by, so might as well take advantage..).
The spoof came into play when I told Ray that I wanted to take maternity pictures this Tuesday so that I can have them for my baby shower this Saturday. Even though it he does not like having his pictures taking, hates maternity shots, and it was his birthday, he obliged to go (isn't he a sweet sweet man?). So I was able to get him out of the house dressed up a bit (slacks even!) and had a good excuse to be spiffed up myself. Somehow I managed my way into the drivers seat (he always drives) and told him we were going to 'Deshawna's mother-in-laws', which he has no idea where that's at. It wasn't until I exited 10th street that he started to get suspicious (he knew the house was in the country). At first he guessed a party and wanted to make sure I didn't make the Tulsa people drive down like they did last year (because they'll be coming for his baby shower on). I denied that and told him we were going to Red Prime to enjoy a night together. Even though for some crazy reason that makes the 4th time to have steak in the past week, he was more then pleased (except when he found out that he has another week to forward to this maternity shoot... it's scheduled for next Tuesday). We enjoyed our night and I think he had a very happy birthday :c)

Here's Birthday Boy..

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