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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Shedding of the winter coat

I love the changing of seasons!!
Actually, I love it when it changes to spring and fall. I describe myself as a 'middle of the road' kinda person, so these in between seasons suite my well :c)
The last couple of days have been just gorgeous, esp. after a particularly cold and snowy couple of weeks. Yesterday, I decided to run at the park since I had missed it during the snowy weather. I wore pants and a long sleeve shirt, thinking that I didn't want to feel any bite in the wind. Well, silly me, there was no bite, just beautiful short sleeve weather! So today when I dressed for the gym, I put on my capris and and short sleeve. It wasn't until I was outside walking to the gym that I felt something funny brush against my legs. When I looked down, I discovered that something had not 'brushed' my legs at all... it was my leg hair blowing in the wind!! Yes, the winter coat I was trying to grow to stay warm (hush, it's the excuse I use) did not look so pretty in 70 degree weather. But I'm happy to say that it is all gone now (and I'm also happy I work out during family time when there are very few people in the Chk gym)!

Since I didn't think you'd appreciate a pic of my hairy legs, here's a cute senior that I shot last Saturday in some more gorgeous weather-

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