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Sunday, February 27, 2011

My Crash..

How to begin? I have been looking forward to my birthday post since December, but as life would have it, it's going to be a little different now.
On Thursday morning when I was driving to work (late because I couldn't find my keys.. they were in my jean pocket from Switch), I was hit by a school bus.

It was my fault. I ran a red light that I did not see. The accident was less than 3 miles from my home, so I'm very familiar with the road (although it is not my normal route, I chose it because I was running late). I remember making the decision to go straight a mile back, then I don't remember anything else from the next mile except seeing a car stopped to my left, looking up and seeing a red light, thinking 'it's raining, I'm not going to stop very fast', then looking to my left and seeing a school bus. The next thing I can remember is sitting in my car, lights and people everywhere. There is a firefighter at my door. They ask me the year and I can't decide between 2010 or 2011 (I think I chose 2010). They also ask if I know what happened, and I reply, 'I think I ran a red light'. Then I see Ray, in the rain, amongst all the strangers. I wave and blow him a kiss. Some guy tells me the smell is because of the airbags, I hadn't realized it smelled bad until he pointed it out, or that airbags had gone off.
I hear Ray tell the workers the I'm pregnant (the big news I've been wanting to share!! We're pregnant!!), but at the time I think he's crazy- I tell myself "I'm not pregnant". I couldn't figure out why he said such a thing. As I wrestle with that idea, firefighters use their equipment to get the door open, and I'm put on a backboard and neck brace. It's still raining so they cover my face as I'm put in the ambulance. I hear the medics discussing where they should go, because trauma call changes in 6 minutes. They decide OU trauma level 2. My sweatshirt is cut so they can get IV and vitals(my first time to wear this gift, sorry Eric and Rachel). I tell them they should put a poster on the ceiling like at the dentist office. I also say thank you to everyone who had taken care of me. I notice they aren't riding with the sirens, but I fell okay. I'm still breathing hard trying to calm the pain in my side. I finally decide that maybe I am pregnant, I put my hands over my abdomen and pray.
When we reach OU, I am put in a trauma room and there were like 15 people working on me. My Minnie mouse scrub top is cut off (another gift, sorry Eilene). They decide to do a head CT because I lost consciousness at the scene. I remind them I'm pregnant. They shield my abdomen for the chest xray and the head CT. They also decide to consult OB. They clear me of neck injuries and take me off the back board and immobilizer. I am super thirsty, and although I understood we are waiting for results (what I always tell my patients) I really want some ice chips!
I was surprised my parents were there, they drove down from Tulsa. Matt and my sister were there (she was working at OU when she found out). Our roommate Art also came to see me. I kept telling them they could all go. Of course my hubby was there the whole time. When I went to give a urine sample, I was appalled at how I looked. Hospital gown, no bra, fuzzy hair (rain on the day you run out of gel is not good), and eye makeup smeared under my eyes. I make myself as presentable as possible, but I find it funny how easily I transformed into one of my patients.
I go to a sonogram to check the baby. My sister and mom follow me (I'm not quite sure why at the time), but when we get to the room, they get to come in and watch and I'm super glad they got to share that with me! They last ultrasound we had was basically to confirm the pregnancy, and as excited as Ray and I were to see our child, it looked like a blob. I was amazed to see the changes that had happened in 5 weeks. The first things we saw were defined legs! We also saw the spine and ribs, face and brain, heart and chambers, arms, legs, hands, and feet. Everything checked out great and I was super thrilled.
Our campus pastor Chris came to visit us, as well as a friend of ours. My photolife group caught wind of what was happening, and put out prayer requests and even dinner set up for the next 5 nights. We had a bag of yummy food on our door step when we got home that night.
I tell you what, if you feel lost in a big church, lifegroups is where the church exists. I have felt so much support on that day and the following days, I just feel so extremely blessed. I also have to brag on what a great husband I have. He has been a fantastic caregiver, comforter, and all around supporter. We have never had an experience like this, but he continues to show selfless love. Even when I apologize for the money I cost us, he reminds me he's happier to have is wife and baby safe. Thank you for being so practical Ray.
After an entire 12 hours in the OU ER, I was finally released to go home (so much for getting out of my day at the hospital.. I just spent it at OU instead of Deaconess). Thank you thank you to all who prayed for me. As crazy as it is, I never felt fearful the entire time, and looking back I feel like baby and I were protected by our Father above. If you look at the car, the impact hit just right in front of the drivers door. A foot back (and like I said, it was pouring rain, so stopping did not come quickly), and this could be a different story.
I am still bothered about why I did not see the red light. The things I remember are so clear, even passing the car that was stopped at the stoplight. I am pretty sure I was not on my phone, or looking for something, or gazing out the window (there was nothing to see in the rain), but I am grateful and feel fully blessed over the outcome of it all. There were no kids on the bus yet and the driver was not injured. I was the only injured one, and for that, I'm grateful. I have 2 small cuts on my hands, a bump on my head, and some bruised ribs, which considering the impact and the distance I traveled, I am doing very good. When the cop came Friday morning to deliver my ticket (yes, my first present on my birthday Friday was a ticket for lack of paying attention), he said this was one of the top 3 wrecks he's personally seen. He was also amazed I was doing so good. And he wished me happy birthday as he left :c) Another crazy thing, Ray actually drove up on the accident (he left the house about 10 min after I did). He thought the car looked like mine so he was going to call to make sure I was okay. As he grabs his phone, he gets a call from a 405 number and immediately knew it was the cops. They were surprised he was already at the intersection.I'm sure the whole thing was a lot more scary for him than for me.
So in the end, thank you to all the emergency workers (esp the ones who had to be wet for their entire shift, sorry), the hospital physicians and nursing teams, and all the friends and family who have offered continual support. I am glad to be here to share this story.

I am also thrilled to share the news of baby Ofosu. I am 14 weeks now (yay for second trimester!!) and the expected due date is August 27 (bring on the summer heat!). I had a really good first trimester, and am excited to watch this baby bump grow!

God is good.

I thank You and praise You alone.
Let me live this life for You, Lord.

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Kriea Arie said...

Oh my goodness Ashley! I had no idea about your accident until just now. I am so glad you are ok!!!
Congratulations on the baby!!!!
I know it was a bit ago, but if you need anything that I can help with, let me know!

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