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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Coles Famliy Pics

Last Saturday I was blessed to shoot my first family session of the year, the Coles. I work with Allison at Deaconess, you may remember me mentioning her on here for a prayer request. Last fall Allison's husband Sean was diagnosed with lymphoma cancer, shortly after his 30th birthday. He started his chemo as soon as they received the diagnosis and recently they did a PET scan to check the progress. It was not what they were hoping for. This Monday they started a new, pretty intense, chemo regimen. So we wanted to sneak in some family pictures before all this started. We were blessed to have such a beautiful day on Saturday to be shooting outside, and once we got away from the windy park, it really wasn't that cold by they lake. I hope that you enjoy the pictures of this precious family!
















Sean and Allison are on a journey that they did not ask for, but now they are forced to deal with. Under these circumstances, some people will turn their anger on God, but it has been the most beautiful thing to watch as these two have grown even clsoer to God. Sean was baptized the day after this shoot, and I am tearing up right now thinking about it. As a nurse, honestly, I sometimes struggle with praying for healing. But for Sean, I am praying for a miraculous healing as a child of God. I believe in a big God, who can do big things, and that He is being glorified through this all. If you want to join me in this prayer, it is greatly appreciated. Thank you and thank God

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