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Friday, January 22, 2010

Rest In Peace

I am sad to make the announcement that my cousins' son, Maddox, passed away last Tuesday.
I thank you for your prayers and concerns. The burial service was yesterday, so my sister Kacey and I made the 7 hour trip to Odessa, TX to be with our family (because in a situation like this, words just aren't enough). And as most funerals are, it was bittersweet. It's terribly difficult to watch your cousin and his wife bury their twins, but we rejoiced in the fact that they are taken care of by God's grace, and of course it was good to see family. The service was beautiful, with 200+ people there to show their support for this loving family. It was a glorious day, with a reassuring sermon. I can't imagine how it feels to do what my cousins just did, so I just ask for continued prayers for this family as they continue to struggle with their loss. Their faith through this all has been a testiment to those around them. Rest in peace Maddox and Landon (Maddox's twin who also passed away).

The bulletin from their service

Not to take away from the above, but it was very nice to see my dad and family. I have 3 half siblings that I usually only see during the holidays and summer vacation, so it was nice to be in town and get to see how they do their daily school life. My dad and sisters Kacey and Bailey went to watch my brother Brett at his soccer practice on Thursday.
This is Ratliff Stadium, the stadium Friday Night Lights is based off of.

There's nothin' like some west Texas sun flair!

It was 69 degrees as we watched the boys practice.. beautiful!

My sister can't miss a minute of her brother playing (*cough*.. lie.. *cough*)

Isn't she cute?

I will leave this up till she makes me take it down :c)

My dad.. no messin' around during soccer~

My Toms.. very important to document (they were my Christmas present from Ray)

The Becker girls

Me and my dad

I also attended my little brother Barron's basketball game (he's #12 in the center)

And to complete it all, this morning I watched my little sister, Bailey, and her team perform a jump rope routine.

Again, thank you for your prayers. I know I've been asking for a lot latley, but that's what life has for me right now. I'm just thankful for a God who's big enough to take care of it all.

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capturedbycheryl.com said...

will certainly continue praying....and so pleased to see you enjoyed your stay with family....love the sun flare......You are amazing as always my dear.....

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