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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

baby maddox and grandpa becker

hey all.
i just got back from a trip up to kansas where i worked at my family's pheasant hunting lodge, Blue Hills Lodge. we team up with Ringneck Ranch by housing and feeding up to 12 hunters during their pheasant hunting trip. i wanted to share the experience by taking pics through out the day, but although i grabbed my camera, it did not have the cf card.. so no pics (but there really wasn't time for them anyways, and pictures of dirty dishes would get old..). i left for kansas on sunday, came back today, and put in 24 hours of work, so you can see the long days it demands!
now that you know where i've been, i've got a couple of prayer requests i'd like to put out there. the first is for my cousin's son (i think i've been told that makes him my cousin-once-removed). Maddox Tye was born on Jan 2 at barley over a pound and only 23 weeks old. he had a twin who did not make it as long as him, and now we need all the prayers for this little man as he battles for his life in the NICU. please pray for him, his body, the health care team, and his parents.
the second prayer is for my grandpa becker, who was taken to the hospital today for a possible heart attack. i only get to see my grandpa 2-3 times a year, and i was blessed enough to have a date with him last night (i won't mention that we had pizza and cheesy bread sticks..). it's a tradition that everytime i go up to work the lodge, we get a date night toghether, and i thouroghly enjoy the 1:1 grandpa time. so i was shocked when on my way home, i heard he was taken to the local hospital. he's doing okay at this time, they just have to figure out exactly what happened. please pray for his heart, for the correct diagnosis to be made, for the health care members caring for him, and give praise for him still being okay! thanks so much~
here's the precious maddox
(you've got to remember cameras add 10 pounds. look back at the holes in the incubator where hands can fit in to get a more accurate picture of his size)

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capturedbycheryl.com said...

I am praying and tears run down my face as I see that precious little baby fighting for his life.....Please Lord....I beg of you to save this little tiny soul....In Jesus Name......I pray for Your grandfather....I pray and pray and pray......

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