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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Our Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

On Tuesday I took Isaiah to his first pumpkin patch! One of the parts of motherhood that I'm super excited about is the excuse to get to go and do local/seasonal/educational things with my son. Not that he can tell me what a pumpkin is now, but he sure does feel entitled to pick anyone up that he sees! It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed being outside in an open field searching for just the right combo of pumpkins! 
The filed was near Perkins in the middle of nowhere, OK and was pretty picked over by the time we made it there, but it was still impressive to see a patch soo big (I've never seen pumpkins on the vine)!
My mom drove from Tulsa to get to visit with us a bit :c)
All of us working to get a smile out of Isaiah (you can see him signing "more" in the picture above, he was trying to tell us he was thirsty!)
Grandma helped him pick the perfect pumpkin!
He enjoyed carrying the small ones around, and even grunted when picking them up :c)
Yes, it's time for a haircut again!
Coming in from the fields with their "kill"
Grayden and Ashley came with us as well, can't believe how big these two are getting!
This was Isaiah's and Grayden's first hug.. which of course ended with them both on the ground and crying...
So we decided the assisted hug was much better



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