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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Happy 5 Year


Happy (belated) Anniversary to my very sweet husband!
Saturday was our 5 year anniversary, how crazy?! We went wild and snuck out of the house- while aunt Judy watched Isaiah- to go watch a movie in the back of our Highlander. Yep, that was what we came up with when we started really looking at budget and finances in the middle of the month and didn't have much to play with. But the awesome thing? I was with my hubby, whom I've never had to impress, and I enjoyed it. I still can't believe how blessed I am to have such a God-fearing, practical, honest, supportive, loving man. I know I gush every year, but he really is awesome! Now he's also an awesome dad, which is amazing to watch :c) Love you so much sweetie

As for my life (since I've been MIA lately), I haven't shot any photography in the last few weeks, which I've enjoyed. For some reason I dread sitting down at the computer (as you can tell), maybe half of it's because it's the only room in my house that isn't really kid-proofed. I have plans to work on that. My main camera is also broken, which isn't fun, and I'm in a photo slump. Because of several factors, I've decided to stop hosting photo life group, which seemed like an innocent enough decision until it came down to the last meeting at my house last night. We had the biggest group we've ever had together and it made me really sad to think that I won't be seeing my friends every week now. I've been hosting for over 3 years, and the group has been so terrific, I've been so blessed to have them as a part of my life. Here's our funny pic from last night

 I got to babysit twice today, once for Max, Mia's little brother (who is officially done with treatments! Please pray for her to remain in remission forever!) and once for the LaRue clan. I was so happy to get to spend time with all those sweet boys today :c) I had a pic of Isaiah and Max, but it's not uploading.

Well at least you know now that I'm still around. I may be going through a midlife crisis at the age of 28 with all the changes around here, but I hope to occasionally post to here (not as often as before, which I know makes a blog more difficult to follow, thanks for staying loyal!)

1 comment:

Cousin Lindsey said...

Three things I love:
1. The three of you, in that photo (sure, that's already three that I'm counting as one- shhhhh)
2. Five years of you and Ray! Whoa what a fun party your wedding was!
3. Getting a snapshot of y'all's life through this blog.
Bonus: I love your hair from long to short but I think this length right now is my fave (it's also the same-ish length as in your blog header pic). Just so you know!

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