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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Baptism Post

You've seen these before.
The excitement

The tears
The emotion
The joy
The proclamation
But I treasure each baptism I shoot, for each time it's new people making a statement before all that they choose to follow Jesus Christ. And that is cool. This baptism just happened to take place at lifechurch's youth group, called Switch (hence all the kids in the pool and background). I started serving at Switch a couple months ago, and was really excited about this baptism. Because although you've seen these emotions before, you now get to see them on me! Instead of using all my excuses and staying behind the lens, I decided to make this my baptism! I wanted no one other than my sweet husband to baptize me, and it was a special moment indeed. I was the only adult to be baptized, and the crowd around the pool was exciting (something that just doesn't happen on a Sunday morning..) Here are the photos as captured by John Harms.
My excitement and tears, joy and emotion.




This photo was captured by summer, and I absolutely adore it.
1. It is full of emotion. 2. It is shot by my best friend who rearranged her schedule last minute *I understand I didn't put the word out soon enough, sorry... to come to my baptism.
These are two of the girls in my switch group who also got baptized.
I love this man. He is so supportive of me in every way.Baptism-8
And my love, summer dawn :c)

Here's a video captured on Ray's phone...

Thank you God, for being the merciful and forgiving God that you are. Thank you for loving us so fully. Lord, may I be a light to others, and share your love with all..

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