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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Cape Coast, Ghana

While in Ghana, we mainly stayed in Accra, the capitol. where Ray's mom lives. But on the weekend Ray's uncle took us to Cape Coast for a visit.

Our first stop was Kakum National Park and it's canopy bridges
These rope bridges were strung high above the forest.
They were narrow and shaky, but for some crazy reason I felt safe.
My brave man :c)
and his crazy haired wife
But the view was amazing.. the scene quiet and serene.
Then we had a surprise stop (well, every stop was a surprise for me since I couldn't understand what they were saying in the car) at Ray's grandma's village. We were also surprised to find out that he has a great grandma (she's 95 years old)!
Ray and the beautiful ladies..
This was my prep shot, but it shows the height difference between Ray and his family!
Then I took the opportunity to photograph some sweet kids :c)
The one in back was mischievous, I could tell :c)
Aww, I love this one!
There was a funeral ealier that day, so there was a dance party in the middle of the village.. it was so cool!
The next morning we headed off to see the slave castles. We had to take a taxi because we had some car trouble, and on the way there was a mandatory stop point. Before we got there, I saw the taxi cab driver slip some money into a pouch, then put it in the visor. When we got to the stop, he handed the pouch to the police man, and they proceeded to let us through. Yep- I watched as he just paid off the police!
Our first stop, Elmina Castle
It started as a safe house for travelers who came to Africa to trade, but then developed into a slave castle.
It was a legit castle with draw bridge
and moat!
A tour guide showed us around.
This is called 'The door of no return", where slaves that had been held here for several months or so where then put on little boats that took them to big ships and shipped them around the world. I don't know if you can tell, but this door is tiny! They said it didn't matter how big the person was though, they would just shove them through

The women's quarters (of course there use to be doors where the openings are.
This was a quart yard where they would bring hundreds of the women, then the governor would stand at the top and pick the woman he would take to his bedroom that night.. disgusting. We actually met a man who's great grandma was one of these women.
If the women misbehaved, they were forced to stand on these cannon balls.
And above this all was a chruch, which I just can't understand
But this picture just reminds me that Jesus is the light of the world, and no matter what cruelty humanity does, He came and died so that our sins may be forgiven, He came as the Prince of Peace.
After the tour we went to the top for some pictures. It was amazingly beautiful.
This is a busy fishing town
Just look how beautiful!
I though this game of soccer on the beach looked like a blast!

We drove though the city to head to the next castle. The man in the street is an old, buff, fisherman. The white house on the right is where Ray's grandma used to live.
Next up was Cape Coast castle.
Can you tell we are tourists?
Ray, me and his uncle
This was inside the males dungeoun. The only light source for the slaves would have been the 3 small windows at the top. Their only bathroom, the urinal you see running down the middle. But of course that leaves no room for number 2, they just had to go on the floor. Which means they were living, sleeping, and eating (a small amount for sure) in their own feces. I never thought about this part, and the whole things just makes my stomach churn.
What happened in this room is unimaginable. The slaves who acted up were put in this room, 60 people at a time, and they were left there until all were dead. There was no light, no food, no removal of the dead bodies, and no hope of escape.
I am glad to say that this is behind us. Even though there is still evil, we have moved beyond this horrific treatment of human beings.
The last 3 lines say it all
and outside the castle, life abounds..

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