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Friday, September 14, 2012

Isaiah's First Birthday Party

My sweet baby boy turned one a couple weeks ago, so of course we had to celebrate with  a party! I decided on a "time flies" theme with vintage airplanes and rainbows, using Pintrest for some fun ideas. I tried to keep in mind the fact that I was hosting a party for a 1 year old who wouldn't remember it, but I couldn't help myself with all the cute airplane decor. As for the actual party, it was pretty simple, we just had friends and family over for sandwiches and cupcakes. Even though I only ordered 25 invites to limit the people we invited, I couldn't help but invite everyone who's been a part of Isaiah's life. I went against what "they" say and invited more children than the age of my son (which means "they" would recommend only inviting 1 kid to a 1 year old bday party), and I am happy that we had everyone there. There were at least 30 adults and 10 kids and I think everyone enjoyed it. I was nervous about how Isaiah would do with, esp because once I sent out the invites, he changed his naptime to start right when I had planned the party to start. But his aunt Judy got him down for an early nap that day and he was fun and social during the party :c) Okay, enough talking and onto the pics! I had our friend and fellow photog, Adrian, come and capture the moments :c)
Here's the invite I designed and a cute candy plane
I don't know why, but I like a cute table set up

Let me explain the details (so you see how corny I really am)
1)Birthday card (okay, nothing too corny here)
2)Rainbow fruit skewers (now we're talkin')
3)A "1" collage
4)Candy airplane
5)Rainbow cake and cupcakes (yes, these were prepared better than my birth cupcakes a year ago)
6)One Bunting
7)Airplane PB&J Sandwiches
8)The table set up (the poor "cloud balls" kept falling)
9) "Sun" chips ;c)
10)An aerial view of the sandwich platter
11)Take home gifts: Rainbow cups, Isaiah's favorite toy, star munchies, "aviator" glasses, and a plane
Birthday boy and his grandma1stBday-34

"Want this lamb that I stole?"1stBday-30

Forgive my crazy eyes1stBday-26

I wonder who the ham of the family is?1stBday-41

Don't ask me why, but I love every picture of this kid when he reaches for the camera :c)1stBday-43

"More sandwich please!"1stBday-40
"Thank you!"

Uh-oh, papa got caught sneakin' in some sweet tea!1stBday-44
This is what Isaiah though of my cute party-themed hat

But aunt Kacey got him to keep it on for at least one pic!1stBday-48

Love both Nicky and Isaiah's expressions here :c)1stBday-47

Bring on the smash cake!1stBday-49

He started by telling us all that it was "hot"1stBday-51

Which he knows means hands off1stBday-52

When I finally convinced him he could eat some, he started with a small, polite taste.1stBday-53

Then quickly got down to business as usual..1stBday-58

He even offered me a bite! (Can we say helicopter parent with that floating head?!)1stBday-60
After cleanup, Isaiah was lookin' good his new Ghana outfit!

Love that smile :c)1stBday-70
Here's another cute face, his friend Carter

In the sea of presents1stBday-76

Lovin' his gift from aunt Judy1stBday-73
What can I say, he makes me smile
Remember Willow from these chair pics? He's still putting the moves on her
Poor kid has a lot of learning to do... (he must take after his dad ;c)

A group pic towards the end. Thanks to everyone who has been a part on our life! We appreciate and love you all!1stBday-90

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